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Fish Aquarium: A Good Remedial Measure for Vastu Defect

Fish Aquarium:
A Good Remedial Measure for Vastu Defect

Fish aquarium is a good remedial measure for any Vastu defect. In a house, every object and direction has Vastu significance. Placing them or constructing them according to the Vastu principles will make your life a serene one.
Vastu, the Vedic science is a practical and result oriented concept, which is practiced to have a prosperous and harmonious life. It is believed that the problems in an individual’s life are due to the lack of proper Vastu. Various Vastu defects can be resolved effectively with faster results. Seeking the help of a Vastu consultant will relieve you away from all the ailments ranging from health to financial and others.
As mentioned earlier, every object and space/direction in a house is associated with Vastu and where there is a defective Vastu, there tend to be problems. In such cases, Vastu specialists have suggested a few fortuity signs for a defective Vastu.
According to Vastu specialists, having a fish aquarium in a dwelling is considered a good remedial measure for any Vastu defect. Not just a home but also for an office, shop, school, factory and other residing places can have an aquarium to eliminate the defective Vastu problems.

The advantages of having an aquarium for defected Vastu:
  • A fish aquarium tends to free your home from all the evils and maintains a serene, fortuity atmosphere.
  • It is also believed that each time a fish dies naturally, so does your problem at home or office.
  • This is one of the best ways to attract the energy of wealth at home or office.
  • In addition, an aquarium tends to relax your mind and create a calm atmosphere.
  • Fishes are also associated to Hindu mythology, as one of Lord Vishnu’s ‘avatars’ was a fish in the sea. Lord Vishnu was born on earth in nine ‘avatars’ and his first ‘avatar’ was that of a fish (Matsya Avatar). It is believed that the fishes have a high degree to consume negative energy (because of Lord Vishnu’s avatar) and give a calming effect.
  • One of the principles of humanity is that every human being is subjected to feed and protect animals. To sustain this principle, fishes are one of the best creatures to be nurtured/kept and taken care of.
  • If you are witnessing problems in your home or office and predict that this is the result of a defective Vastu, placing a fish aquarium is the best option. Doing this will also resolve your financial crisis.
  • Vastu specialists believe that feeding a fish can add up to your good deeds as a result you will be free from evils at your home.
  • Attractive ornamental fishes, which are colorful, tend to attract everybody’s attention. These fishes are quite active almost the entire day and motivate the observer. In addition, if you observe these fishes for a while, you tend be energetic and will be free from all the worries.
  • One of the major advantages of having an aquarium is to deviate the jinx of a visitor from the entire home to the aquarium. The bad energies, which are created all over the house, can be transformed by glancing at the colorful attractive fishes. This in turn produces positive energy.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, a fish tank stores a lot of water and can balance the weight in an accurate way.
  • In order to balance the weight, a fish tank can be kept in a veranda or a hall in the South-West corner after consulting a Vastu specialist. It should be placed in a prominent place where every visitor can see it.
  • According to the Chinese Feng Shui method, the rapid movement of the fishes in a tank increases the active energy in a home which is known as “Chi”. This also results in the increase in good health and wealth.
  • This Vastu principle of having a fish aquarium at your place is applicable for all the religions.
  • One of the important factors of this principle is that the aquarium has to be placed in a perfect place after consulting a Vastu specialist. If the fishes die regularly, you should immediately change the position.

How to organize the fish aquarium according to Vastu:

  • To imply this idea, you can prefer either a pond, fish bowl or an aquarium in the desired place.
  • Cultivation of live ornamental fishes is advised. The dragon fish and the gold fishes are generally preferred.
  • The number of fishes in an aquarium should be nine in which, eight can be either dragon fish or gold fish and one could be a black fish.
  • You need not fret if a fish dies, immediately replace the fish with another one, as it is believed that your problems tend to reduce with the death of every fish.
  • It is strictly advised that the fish feed should be planned and fed by only one person.
  • The tank or the bowl should be cleaned regularly. Necessary requisites like filters, aeration and water circulation are required in order to maintain the tank.
  • Except for your living/drawing room, an aquarium cannot be placed in any other room. It can be placed in North or East directions. Placing an aquarium in other rooms brings negative energies and disturbs the peace of mind.

  • Placing an aquarium in the kitchen or bedroom can cause food and sleep related problems.
  • Opting for a large fish tank is advisable as it can dilute the dirt easily. Fish tanks are available in glass and acrylic.
  • To make it more attractive you can add colorful lights and other accessories to it.
It is assumed that this article would help you to get rid of your ailments by placing an attractive aquarium at your home or office and see the results by yourself.

Friday, November 30, 2012

What to do if your house is non-compliant to Vastu?

What to do if your house is non-compliant to Vastu?

This question has become a common query in the era of multi-storied apartment system where every apartment on a floor has a different direction. In such a fast moving world, where everybody in the family is out for work,  the essence of our house once its energy start disturbing our well laid out lives.

A house, apartment or room is not a ‘non-living’ thing. It is a living creature either full or deprived of energy. We always give importance to our energy but rarely notice the energy of the area we are living in. We even forget to establish a relation between the two.
Sometimes, we realize that a particular house is unlucky for us. There are a series of problems (health, finance, relationships etc) with no solution. Once we realize that it is the house that is the cause of problems, we consult a Vastu expert for solutions. Among these cases, there are some severe cases where either reconstruction or changing a house is the only solution suggested. Let us focus on these cases.

Once you realize that your house is the cause of your problems and there is no solution except reconstruction or changing the house, ‘DO NOT PANIC’. This is just another ‘creature’, with imbalance in energy, living with you. You need to take few steps to bring that in balance and eventually balance your life too:

·        Identify spaces that you feel are the cause of your problems. There might be some dark, untidy, heavy spaces in which you do not like to spend time. Clear the clutter. Beautiful and cleanliness are attributes of positive energy. Make your house as beautiful and tidy as you yourself are.
·        Identify if there is deficiency of a particular color and if a color is too much used. Look out for all rainbow colors:  Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Every direction has a corresponding color. Match different directions of your house with its corresponding colors. Violet in West, Indigo in South-East, blue in South-East and West, green in North, yellow in South and North-East, orange in East, South and South-West, red in South and East. Applying colors in appropriate directions will enhance the Vastu energy and bring balance.
·        Give some positive energy to your house. Sun and air are natural form of energies. Let your house be naturally lit and ventilated by opening doors and windows and using light and bright curtains in dark room. Love your house by keeping it clean, spending quality time within.
·        Performing ‘Yagya’ is another way to keep your house pure and free from any unwanted energies. Perform ‘Yagya’ in weekends or holidays with your family participation. Lighting lamps or candles is another way for the same.
·        Balance your and family members energies by balancing your ‘chakras’. There are seven major chakras in our body. Any imbalance in any of the ‘chakras’ is the cause of all physical and emotional problems. ‘Chakras’ can be balanced by specific meditation, ‘pranayam’, diet, reiki, color therapy, ‘mantras’ and aromatherapy.

To get best results, follow these for at least twenty-one days and you will find significant improvement in your current situation. Maintaining a good relation with your house and increasing its energy can reduce the effect of any Vastu ‘dosha’.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Divine Vastu Tips for Gainful Investments on Diwali and many more

Divine Vastu Tips for Gainful Investments on Diwali
With Diwali round the corner, festive spirit is already in the air. Not only household buying but small and big investments are also planned. Whether it is real estate dealer or gold saving scheme, everyone is busy wooing their prospects to invest in their projects or schemes. If you too are planning to make some investments then by adopting some easy to apply Divine Vastu remedies you can enjoy many fold returns on your investments.
For New Home
While investing you must ensure that the property complies with Vastu principles. You can get it evaluated or check it yourself in 4 Steps by analyzing location of entrance, rooms, objects and balance of five elements. If the property is in sync with Vastu norms, then it will prove more gainful for you, whether you use it for yourself or you sale it.
For Shares and Commodities
If you are planning to invest in Shares and commodities this Diwali then you must ensure right placement of your computer that you use for share-trading. Keeping it in East-South-East zone will lead to wrong decisions leading to loss in investments. According to Directions of Alchemy in Vastu Shastra, better would be to keep it on Western wall of your house or office
For Gold
With rising prices and wedding season on the verge, Gold is the preferred investment for many people. According to DivineVastu Deepawali 2012, it will be particularly beneficial to buy gold ‘Dhanteras’. After bringing home, you must keep it in Diwali pooja. Afterwards they must be kept in the locker. This Vastu remedy will augment your wealth. If you already have Gold saved in South-South-West direction in your home, then care must be taken to remove them before doing Diwali Pooja.
For Important Documents
All important documents relating to Property, Investment, and Bank Loan etc. must be shifted from East-South-East to the zone of gains and profits i.e. West. So, this Diwali, ensure your investments bring more gains and prosperity in your home.

Remove Negative Vibes from your House
‘Kali Chaudash’ is one of the best days to remove all kinds of negativities from your home. On day of ‘Kali Chaudash’, that is, the second day of Diwali, you should worship either Goddess Kali or Lord Hanuman in order to remove negativities from physical, mental and emotional bodies. Several methods have been mentioned in Hindu religious scriptures of Vedas that remove negative effects from homes and offices. Here are some tips to protect your home from evil spirits. Not only that, these tips will also help you find peace and happiness at home. All these methods are meant to protect the individuals / home and business places from evil spirits, evil eyes, black magic, psychic attacks or any other type of negative forces.
1. Offer ‘Guggal Dhoop’
During Diwali, you may offer ‘Guggal Dhoop’ to each and every part of your home. The entire team of Vastu Purusha, consisting of
·         ‘Dwar Pal’ (Protector of Doors),
·         ‘Kshetra Pal’ (Protector of Regions),
·         ‘Dik Pal’ (Protector of Directions) regains energy by this ‘Dhoop’.
Besides, ‘Guggal Dhoop’ removes stress from the domestic environment and instills harmony in the family. You may also offer ‘Guggal Dhoop’ every day to maintain the positive energy in your home.
2. Spray Salty Water
Mix salt in water and spray this salted water in each and every corner of your home on regular basis, especially around the time of Diwali. It is believed that salt absorbs all the negativity from air, purifies the environment and helps you be happy and content. You may perform this remedy twice a week. Don't forget to wash your hands after spraying the water.

The prime most things to take care of are Colors, whether it is on walls, on curtains, on furniture, in lampshades or in Rangoli.  
Documented research in Vastu Shastra has clearly highlighted the influence of colors on your life – on your thoughts, emotions and behavior and even on the outcome of your efforts. You will be surprised to know that even a wrong color in your photo-frame can severely affect your relationships.
So, this Diwali while redoing the interiors you must ensure that all the colors all well placed in accordance to attributes of 16 Vastu Zones in your home. For example, North is the zone of Money and new opportunities. You must avoid Red, Orange, Pink and violet shades in this zone. You can take blue, green, brown, chocolate, white and allied shades here to attract more money. Reverse is the preference for Southern zones in your home. Green and cream colors can be used in both the directions.  Similarly, use of green, brown, and cream color in East will improve your beneficial social connectivity. And, use of golden, yellow, white and grey colors in West zone will attract more gains and profits

Buying new interior object for your home? Keep Vastu directions in mind 
Diwali is the time when markets are flooded with sparkling shops, latest items and festival offers to attract your attention. Many of you must have readied your shopping list by now.  
Whether it is a painting, photograph, sculpture or home appliance; before making final purchase decision it is very important to decide the right direction to keep it in your home or work place. Practical case studies in Vastu have proved that every object in your surrounding space programs your inner mind (subconscious mind). For example, by placing a dancing couple’s photograph or painting in South-South-West, the zone of disposal, you are unknowingly programming your space to attract problems in your marriage. Ideally, such an artifact can be placed in South-West which is the zone of Love, Relationships and family bonding.
Similarly, if you are buying a new flower vase, then a yellow vase will be ideal for South of South West as this will control your wasteful expenses.
You can also place a Money plant in blue flower vase in North zone. This will help you attract more money and new opportunities to grow in life.  
So, while buying new interior objects for your home, you can ensure Vastu benefits and make your Diwali a real prosperous one.

Diwali: Lighting to Enlightening 
This Diwali, while lighting beautiful and colorful lights in your home, remember to enlighten your inner self too.  
Lights have a deep impact on our inner mind (subconscious mind). These have the power to awaken the dormant energies lying in 16 Vastu zones in our homes. By lighting appropriate light in the right direction you can get desired results.
·         For example, if you are feeling lack of clarity towards your goals, you are unable to see your life in a broader perspective, then just light a spot light in the North-East, the zone of mental clarity and wisdom. It will improve your connectivity with your higher self. You will also start receiving solutions for your problems.
·         Similarly, if you feel your hard work is going unrecognized and unnoticed, people are not appreciating your brands; you need to light a red bulb in the south zone of your home. You will experience a sudden change in people’s attitude towards your work. 
·         When lit in South-East, it will help you realize your blocked payments.
·         A white light or CFL in West will work amazingly to increase your gains and profits. You will start getting results of your efforts as per your expectations. Wish you an Enlightening Diwali!

Is Broom in your home kept in the right direction? 
Diwali is on the verge and cleaning is going around everywhere since clean and organized home is the key to attract riches and prosperity.  
Documented research in Vastu Shastra has revealed amazing facts. It shows each and every object in your home creates a particular effect in your Inner mind (subconscious mind) and thus affects your life accordingly. No matter if it is a meager cleaning aid like broom that is a trifle yet very useful object in our homes. 
Brooms must be placed in the right direction else they can create adverse effects. For example,
·         If placed in North, the zone of money and opportunities, it will wipe off these aspects from your life.
·         Similarly, in North-East, it will make you feel confused.
·         With broom placed in East zone, you will lose your social connectivity – at times you can get into disputes with your neighbors.
·         Ideally, you should keep brooms in South-South-West zone of your home as it is the zone of disposal and is responsible to throw out wastes from your life.
·         Next option is West-North-West, the zone of depression and low moods. By placing a broom in this zone of your home you can improve your capacity to let go of your past and celebrate Diwali with more joy and happiness.

1. Set your Pooja room correctly
  • The North-East corner of a house is perfectly suitable for a Pooja Ghar. Therefore, if possible, set the Pooja Ghar in this particular direction, if not, you may place it in the East.
  • It is advisable that you avoid using color black in the interiors of this sacred place.
  • Keep a new and clean piece of cloth aside for the purpose of cleaning the photos and idols. Do not use this cloth for any other purpose.
  •  Avoid wearing black and dark colors while performing Pooja.
  • Use new cloths to clean the photos or idols, and use them for this purpose only.
  • Put pictures of water and ‘kalash’ in the east or north of the pooja room.
  • The idols must not face the door of the pooja room or one another.
  • Do not keep photos of those who have passed away in the pooja room.
  • Do not keep two idols of the same god at the pooja place.
  • Place idols in the north-east direction in the pooja room.
2. Place the idols right
The Northern portion of a home is associated with wealth. Hence, ideally, the Lakshmi pooja should be conducted in that location.
·         However, do not keep two idols of the same god in the pooja ghar.
·          Lord Ganesha should be kept on the left side of the Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati should be placed on the right side of Goddess Lakshmi.
·         Idols of all of these God and Goddess should be in sitting form.
·         Place idols in the North-East direction and pictures of water and 'Kalash' in the east or north of the pooja room.
·         While you put idols and images of gods, make sure that they are not put in a way that they would face the door of the pooja room or one another.
3. Get rid of waste and clutter
  • Before the festival of Diwali, throw away all unwanted and useless items that have been lying around in the house and create some space for the new.
  • As per the Vastu Shastra, the front door is related to opportunities. Therefore, make sure that the front door of your home opens fully and no clutter is stored behind it, otherwise the divine energies and opportunities may not enter your home.
  • The main hall is the place where you primarily connect with the external world so it should always be neat, beautiful and welcoming. Don't keep unnecessary and old stuff in this room, for they don't generate positive vibes.
4.  Let the Water Flow
A source of running water is very good for the house. It is said that flowing water absorbs all the negativity in the house and takes it along. That is why place a small water fountain in the north-east direction of the house.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Divine Vastu Tips to Purify your Home this Diwali

Divine Vastu Tips to Purify your Home this Diwali (2012):

At the onset of Diwali festival, Vastu Shastra lays a lot of emphasis on the right ‘Muhurat’ so that maximum advantage can be achieved. The ancient Indian Vedic knowledge of Architectural Science, the ‘Sthapataya Veda’, also supports this tradition and highly recommends that auspicious activities like ‘Vastu Pujan’, ‘Griha Pravesh’ etc. must be performed during a ‘Shubh Muhurat’ or auspicious time.
Diwali is the best among all festivals as it brightens up lives with prosperity and happiness. Some tested and highly effective Vastu practices are given below which will help homeowners be blessed by fortune, health, progress and peace in their lives.
1. De-clutter/De-junk:
Throw the useless old things in your home as they obstruct the positive energy from entering in. Make your home neat and clean this Diwali. It will pave the way for prosperity and dissipate stagnant energy too.
2. Decorate:
Embellish the main door with a ‘Toran’ made with mango leaves and garland of marigold flowers to bring good luck, happiness and success to your home. ‘Toran’ symbolizes nature’s abundance and attracts blessings of God. If the above ‘Toran’ not available than any other ‘Toran’ with auspicious symbols can be also used.
3. Place earmarked for valuables:
According to Vastu Shastra, the North direction is ruled by lord of wealth, ‘Kubera’ and is known as ‘Kubera-sthana’. This direction is the best place for keeping the safe/locker where you keep your valuables. Keeping a statue of Goddess ‘Lakshmi’ in the safe with your valuables saves and increases them.
4. ‘Jala-sthana’:
Keeping water reservoirs in the East direction is considered very auspicious. It will help to start new projects and make progress in life.
5. Recharge Money Inflow:
Take a metal bowl (Silver/Copper/Steel), fill it with water, and place it in the North direction of your house. Then put one silver coin with pictures of Goddess ‘Lakshmi’ and ‘Ganesha’ in this water bowl. Place the bowl in the North or East window of the house and let it receive maximum exposure of the light. If there is no window in these directions then you can place a mirror on North wall and place the bowl near it. After keeping this water bowl in North take three coins, wrap them up in red silken cloth or a pouch and place/stick them next to the water bowl. Kept it there for five days from November 11 to 15, 2012. On November 15, 2012, take all these four coins and place them together in same red pouch/cloth. Now keep these ‘Energized Coins’ at your money place/locker until next Diwali. Do not forget to pour the bowl water in any potted plant only inside the house, not outside the house. This will charge up the North Zone Energy and will lead to increase in money inflow.
6. Right manner to keep Earthen Lamps/‘Diyas’:
The number of ‘diyas’ to be kept on the parapet and the boundary wall should be in multiples of four, as each ‘diya’ represents the reigning deities of Diwali i.e., Goddess ‘Lakshmi’, Lord ‘Ganesha’, ‘Kubera’ and ‘Indra’. You should not separate them.
7. ‘Rangoli’:
Make ‘Rangoli’ near the entrance of the house and in front of the ‘Puja’/Prayer room for creating a positive environment. Preferably, use the traditional materials viz. sand or rice powder mixed with food colors for creating ‘Rangoli’.
8. ‘Brahmasthana’:
Keeping a crystal bowl filled with water and rose petals in the ‘Brahmasthana’/central place of the house also brings positive vibes to your home. Float five ‘diyas’ or candles in it and light them after sunset.
9. Mirror Positivity:
Place mirrors on the North and East walls of your house as they symbolically duplicate the positive energy of ‘Kuber-sthana’ and ‘Indra-sthana’ and bring in knowledge and wealth.
10. Prosperity Trail:
Welcome Goddess ‘Lakshmi’ to the ‘Puja’ room by stamping small footprints systematically from the entrance of the house to the ‘Puja’ room. These footprints are supposed to bring wealth, happiness and prosperity in the house.
11. Direction of the Deity:
According to Vastu, the statues of Goddess ‘Lakshmi’ and Lord ‘Ganesha’, ‘Indra’ and ‘Kubera’ must be placed in such a manner that the face of worshipper should be towards North-East or North or East direction while praying.
These simple steps would certainly contribute towards bringing positivity in your household and bestow overall fortune.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012



Diwali, as we all know, is associated with the worship of ‘Lakshmi’, the Goddess of Wealth. Apart from the general merry-making and exchange of gifts and sweets, one should make sure that they are doing everything right to welcome wealth, health and prosperity into their homes. These simple Vastu tips ensure you get blessings of wealth and prosperity.

Time to De-clutter
Get your home ready for Diwali by throwing away all those unwanted things that you have lying around the house, as you need to make way for the new by getting rid of everything old and useless. Dispose off all those old magazines, clothes, broken furniture, crockery or children’s toys that are never going to be used.

The Magic of 27
Move 27 things in your home on Diwali in appropriate directions as per Vastu principles and watch as fortune invades your life. Moving 27 things is harder than you think, but remember it will also be counted if you just move salt and pepper shakers so they sit on the other side of each other.

Clean It Up
Clean the entire house, including those neglected corners, which are seldom attended to. If possible energize your apartment or building by either whitewashing or applying a fresh coat of paint, as the final step towards giving your home a brand new look.

Water-fountain charm
A water fountain can be extremely valuable, especially if placed in North, East or South-East direction. Fresh water is symbolic of good health. But, the water fountain should be proportionate in size to the room. Place a cascade of water outside your front door, preferably on the right-hand side of the door.

Light up
The reason why ‘light’ is an important feature of Diwali is that it is supposed to ward off evil spirits, bring in prosperity and energize the surroundings. It is also believed that homes that are well-lit are always more in tune with attracting wealth, so make sure that your home is shining nice and bright this Diwali.

Invite Right
Your main door must look bright and inviting for Goddess ‘Lakshmi’ to enter your home and shower her blessings. The small footprints which are usually drawn with a mix of rice flour and vermilion symbolize the goddess’ entry into your home, so let your creativity flow with beautiful ‘rangoli’ designs and traditional motifs. An image of ‘Lakshmi’ and ‘Ganesha’ placed on the front door enhances positive energy and dispels negativity.
Another interesting d├ęcor idea as per Vastu is the display of colorful ‘bandanwars’/’Torans’ or door hangings, for that traditional look during the festive season. The designs, colors, bells and mirrors used in making these door-hangings give your home a beautiful look as well as create the perfect ambience for attracting prosperity. ‘Toran’ fixed on the main door brings good luck. A string of marigold flowers and mango leaves tied to the frame of the main door represents nature's abundance and attracts good luck. Refill your normal sugar reserves in the kitchen to ensure sweet days ahead.

This Diwali, address the following directions to achieve specific results:
East:                      A water feature will help you start new projects.
South:                    Hang pictures that inspire you to achieve more.
South-East:           A bowl of fresh water on top of a 100 Dollars note for your business's prosperity.
South-West:          A clay pot with yellow flowers will increase savings.
West:                    Place a piggy bank to enhance your energy to work and make money.
North:                   To improve cash flow and speed up recovery, hang a crystal ball.
North-West:          Keep your bank/investment papers in this sector.

‘Pooja’ special
The northern sector of a home is associated with wealth. Hence, ideally, the ‘Lakshmi Pooja’ should be conducted in that location. Prayers, songs and rituals are all designed to welcome the goddess home and attract health and wealth. It is said that cleanliness, light and fragrance are essential in enhancing your wealth prospects, so make sure that your home is in accordance to these prerequisites for Diwali celebrations. Apart from devotional music, let soothing tunes permeate the air throughout the day and fill your home with the right ambience for prosperity.

Get your pooja room ready for ‘Lakshmi Pooja’ this Diwali with these Vastu tips:
·         Use new cloths to clean the photos or idols, and use them for this purpose only.
·         Put pictures of water and ‘kalash’ in the East or North of the ‘pooja’ room.
·         The idols must not face the door of the ‘pooja’ room or one another.
·         Do not keep photos of those who have passed away in the ‘pooja’ room.
·         Do not keep two idols of the same god at the ‘pooja’ place.
·         Place idols in the North-East direction in the ‘pooja’ room.

Gift it right
Diwali shopping lists are of course quite exhaustive. In order to attract wealth as per Vastu, it is a good idea to include gold and utensils too. Apart from jewelry, gold and silver coins are accepted gifts for promoting prosperity. It is also suggested that the coins which are used during the ‘Pooja’ should later be stored in red pouches with golden strings, as they are believed to be symbols of blessings from ‘Lakshmi’ and bearers of good luck throughout the year.

Count your Blessings
Diwali is the ideal time to chalk out your financial goals for the year, or review them if required. Vastu suggests that you write down your wealth aspirations. Another tip is to take three coins, wrap them up in red cloth, and place them next to a water bowl in the North. The area must be uncluttered and kept clean at all times. Focus on your goals regularly, and the wealth gods shall surely smile on you this Diwali.

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Vastu Shastra: The Ten Commandments

Vastu Shastra: The Ten Commandments
These fundamental principles apply to all buildings, public and residential.
The main water source or a water feature should be towards the North-East.
The Kitchen, generator room, furnace or boiler should be towards the South-East.
The guestroom, store or children's bedroom should be towards the North-West.
The master bedroom, CEO's office should be towards the South-West.
The center should be light and airy.
There should be more open space towards the North and East as compared to the South and West.

The South and West floor levels should be higher than the North and East.
The South and West boundary wall should be higher than the North and East walls.
The entrance is preferred from the North or East.
You should sleep with your head towards the south and raise the head side by 3".

Monday, October 22, 2012



Vastu Shastra offers invaluable tips on the construction of a Structure on a Hill. Buildings on hills are generally not considered very auspicious but if one has to construct in these areas then while building a structure on a hill, special attention should be paid to the following points:
  • A building should preferably be built as a house or a commercial complex on a hill, which is in the West or the South direction of the city.
  •  Structures should be avoided to be built on a hill, which is in the North-East, the North or the East direction of the city. If it is built here, progress may slow down and one might have to face many difficulties.
  • Structure when built on a hill it should be with slope on the East or the North side and roads having similar approach be chosen. The slope of the hill should not be in the South or the West directions.
  • A hill with a river, canal, sea, running water, pond or lake in the East or the North directions will prove very auspicious. If these things are to the West or the South of the hill, it is considered inauspicious. 
  • There is no harm in building a house on a hill with slopes in all the four directions. However, the approach roads should be in either the East or the North.
  • It is necessary to make the level of the plot plain if it is situated on a hill. If this plot has a slope in the East, the North or the North-East directions, it will be better. However, the slope of the hill on which the plot is situated should never be only in the West or the South. If it is so, it should be made level.
  • While building a structure on a hill, a compound wall according to Vastu Shastra, should be constructed on all the four sides of the plot.
  • The compound walls in the East and the North directions should be shorter and preferably made up of bricks. The walls on the West and the South sides should be broad, made of heavy stones and tall.
  • The underground water bodies should be located in the North-East direction. Big overhead community water tank or personal overhead tank should be in the West direction.
  • If a structure is built on a hill, the wall compound gate should be in the North-East, the North or the East direction. As far as possible, the wall compound gate should never be in the South-West or the South. If it is unavoidable, it should be in the North-West direction of the West or the South-East direction of the South.
  • The hilly structure should be built in the South or South-West of the West block. On the East and the North directions vacant space should be left; more the vacant space the better.
  • The North-East corner of the hilly plot should be left totally vacant. No construction should be done in this corner. Otherwise, it will result in several problems for the residents.
  • In the open space around the structure any pits, swimming pool, pond or water tank in the South-East, the South, the West or the South-West direction should be strictly avoided.
  • If the hilly plot is not a level, constructions should be done with upward slope towards the South or the West.
  • If a slope is to be given to the roof, it should be towards the East or the North. The roof should not have a slope towards the West or the South.
  • On a hilly plot, a multilevel construction should only be done when the hill has upward slope towards the South or the West directions.
  • The hilly structure should have only one compound gate in the East. The other gate could be in the North direction.
  • If religious places, temples, gardens, public water works and others are constructed on a hilly plot they will prove beneficial.
  • If construction is done in North-East, the East or the North directions there should not be a taller hill in the vicinity. However, tall hills in the West and the South are quite advantageous.
  • Before starting a construction on a hilly plot, all the shrubs and the bushes may be removed. Stones should also be removed and ditches be leveled. If possible, a square or a rectangular compound wall should be constructed around the plot.
  • \Basements should be avoided within a hilly structure. The layout plan should be made accordingly.

Saturday, October 6, 2012



The ancient Indian science of VASTU, a word derived from the Sanskrit for a dwelling with a plot of land, focuses on how the design of our buildings and the layouts of their interiors affect our emotional state. The principles of Vastu are complex and numerous, but if they could be summed up in one word, it might be ‘ORDER’. That order creates a clutter free environment that enhances both the spiritual and material well-being of the people living in the building.

Coming from a different culture of China, Zen aims to induce a state of mental calm through techniques that help us slow down and concentrate on one task at a time. Zen encourages us to recognize what is true value in our lives and what is not, so that we can avoid wasteful activities and get rid of surplus possessions; in a word, de-clutter. The ideas behind both Vastu and Zen could hardly be more appropriate in today’s chaotic world.

Get rid of the unnecessary stuff people hoard. De-cluttering changes the entire ambiance from being a daunting mess into a nurturing sanctuary. By de-cluttering the physical space, an environment is created that encourages spiritual and emotional renewal. It is believed that clutter, both mental and physical, is one of the main reasons people do not reach their full potential in life.

We need to regularly de-clutter and focus. We must choose one idea over the others and commit to it. It is frightening, but as the famous British comedian, John Marwood Cleese, said, “Nothing will stop you being creative as effectively as the fear of making a mistake.”

Fear that dis-empowers or to deprive us of power, authority, or influence, make weak, ineffectual, or unimportant is a consequence of clutter. When our mind is uncluttered, we may still be afraid, but we are not incapacitated by the fear because our goals and the risks are plainly visible, and we are fully aware of what is ahead of us. To reach our full potential in life, we need an uncluttered mind. We can achieve it through various relaxation techniques, including meditation, yoga, and exercise, and the process is easier when our physical environment too is uncluttered. The techniques we adopt must be practiced routinely: we must get into the habit of de-cluttering. Good habits are powerful enablers. We owe it to ourselves to break the chains of mental and physical clutter. When they are broken, we become as if an eagle released from captivity, free to soar to new and extraordinary heights.
According to Vastu a clutter-free environment is the key to health, wealth, peace, prosperity, success and for good relations in one’s life.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ageing process and Vastu Shastra

Ageing process and Vastu Shastra:
Ageing is the process of getting older. Ageing is an important part of all human societies reflecting the biological changes that occur, but also reflecting cultural and societal conventions. Vastu Shastra principles can help the process of ageing and create a positive impact on the wellbeing.

Ageing is inevitable, but its most negative effects can be minimized and turned into a graceful progression. Exercise and proper diet are key factors. Nevertheless, when your living or working environment is in Harmony with Earth/ Nature, it has a positive influence on your well-being, slowing the ageing process.

Each of the five elements (Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space) is associated with the compass point and each point has a specific impact on our health. Different aspects of positive ageing are optimally supported by a specific direction. Ageing is also affected by environmental stress, which is the cause of most human disease.

The Earth is a magnetic force and is composed of the five elements, as is our brain. The thalamus is the relay center for all sensory and motor skills in the brain. Neurological research has understandably shown that the firing patterns of neurons in the thalamus function differently depending on which direction one is facing.

Our mind is then the interactive result of the affect of the magnetic field on our brain cells. By placing our bodies and environments in alignment with the magnetic axis, we can think and act more compatible with Earth/ Nature. Our actions would be more attuned to the five elements, much like swimming with the stream as opposed to swimming against it. For example, studies have shown that sleeping with one’s head towards south or east puts one in accord with the powerful forces of the Earth/ Nature.

The north-east area of any residence is associated with the water element. This direction is the source of favorable magnetic energy from the north and positive solar energy from the east.

Our residence needs to be very open in the north-east to receive these benefits. The north-east influences growth of the physical body. The north-east is good for home entrances. If this region is in sync with proper Vastu principles, good health will be supported.

If there is a kitchen, clutter, a toilet, heating system or blockage in the north-east the water element will be decreased which will cause congestion.

The south-east area of any residence coincides with the fire element. The south-east influences the energy required for good health. Kitchens, heating and electrical systems work well in the south-east. If this area is in accordance with
 the principles of Vastu Shastrahealth will be better.

If there is a cut or blockage, there will be a lack of energy and health will suffer. The south-west area of any residence is aligned with the earth element. The south-west contributes to the strength of your body. If your bed is in the south, or south-west area of your residence with your head to the south or east, you will be more vigorous and energetic. If there is a cut, restroom/ toilet or heating source then there may be some health and back problems.

Other Important Health Tips:

·         Never keep your head towards north while sleeping. Keep your head towards south or east only for peaceful/ restful sleep & healthy life.

·         Face north or east while working, studying or negotiating with clients. Flowing magnetic field from north will hit your face while facing north which helps in quick & sharp memory. Taking right decisions much faster and increases in grasping power.

·         Avoid north direction while cooking eating or drinking. Face preferably east for better taste, digestion & healthy body.

·         Face north or east while worshipping for better concentration & devotion.

·         Never put a same color in all the walls of a house to maintain health & happiness.

·         Never put a mirror in front of bed, cover it while sleeping to avoid bad dreams.

·         Avoid or minimize the usage of TV or computer in bedrooms, as the energy level of the room will get destroyed by the radiation emitted.

·         Keep Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) and Rubber plant (Ficus robusta) in house preferably in north-east side to purify the air.

·         Never sit or sleep under a down beam to avoid depression headache or loss of memory.

·         Pregnant women should not sleep in south-east room to avoid any miscarriage or abortion.

·         Open or use north & eastern window much rather than south-western windows for health happiness & harmony in the family.

·         Never sleep on metal beds (Wrought Iron) to avoid any health problem related to heart & brain.

·         A plot with all corners 90 degrees having two sides’ road in front and back is a good plot.

·         The open space left in north and east should be more than south and west.

·         A house should be designed in such a way so that there is maximum entry of sunlight and proper cross ventilation.

·         The entire opening should be made on the north and east side of the house. Trees of any kind should not be grown in eastern or northern, north-east directions. Only small plants can be grown in north, east, and north-east. The shadow of any tree should not fall on the house.

·         The hearth or oven must be arranged in eastern, south-east direction of the entire house, in such a way that the person while cooking faces east.