Thursday, January 2, 2014

Divine Vastu Tips to Bring Prosperity and Prestige with Purse Colors for 2014

Divine Vastu Tips to Bring Prosperity and Prestige with Purse Colors for 2014:
By harmonizing the color of your handbag, you tap into the energies that are available in the year. In some instances, the color is based on a missing element or it’s based on an element that is available but that when tapped, brings about greater opportunities for wealth and prosperity. In 2014, for keeping money purse color is not just one color, it’s two. The two colors that reign supreme in Vastu which represent Fire and Water elements are red and blue-black. When it comes to success, prestige, the color most associated is red.
Red is a color that imbues the energy of fire and the Sun. It is a color of happiness. It’s also a color associated with love and romance. In Vastu it’s the color of recognition, fame and a rise in prominence, everything most of us work really hard for in our careers and businesses. For sheer financial power and the serious business of making money, there’s only one that meets all the qualities of a power broker and that color is black.

Think about the color of a power car, it’s the long black Rolls Royce, Mercedes or BMW. The color black brings about the image of power, authority and sophistication. The women who wear black dresses draw admirers in.
Blue is the color of water, and water represents wealth and prosperity. If advancing financially in your career is your goal, the color blue-black is the color that means business and advancing financially. A blue-black handbag is the color for business and making money.

If recognition is the goal, the color handbag you need is red. Red gets you noticed in business. Think of the woman’s red power suit or a man’s red power tie. When it comes to color that symbolizes that you have arrived with positive vibes, that color is red. Buy a red handbag to announce to the world that you’re here and going places.

But in 2014, there’s another color that brings the best out in both red and black; and that color is gold. Gold is one of the missing elements (‘water’) of 2014. This year, adding the bright sun-like energy in the form of the bright, warm luminescence of gold with your blue-black or red outfits is the perfect way to tap into the water-producing ability of gold. Because gold is metal, it makes water, and water is wealth. Select gold hardware to make your handbag even more auspicious. Plus, there is simply no more stunning look than black with gold and red with gold combinations. A black or red dress with layers of gold chains looks prosperous, auspicious and wealthy, not to mention gorgeous. A gold wallet will have fun with your handbag this year. It’s a fabulous year to pick up a new wallet and purse in the two most important Vastu colors.


'Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014'


Wednesday, January 1, 2014



The beginning of the New Year 2014 is the right time to carry out some Vastu measures to bring 
love, peace and prosperity for your entire family. It's the time for get-together with family and friendsand for strengthening old ties that might have been ignored for some time. While you welcome the New Year 2014, these Vastu measures will bring along love and luck. Here are certain Divine Vastu tips that you can follow on New Year’s Eve or sometime around, to bring peace and prosperity

  • Get rid of all the clutter and unnecessary things which get accumulated in the house from time to time. Clutter creates stress, drags your energy down, and limits your ability to be productive and make lucrative financial decisions. Resolutions for a prosperous New Year should start with clearing the clutter in your home! 
  •  Clean the house thoroughly; look at the places which have been neglected e.g. the furniture that needs repair and health concerns that have been ignored for long. 
  •  Clear your desk and go through your files and cabinets in your workplace. Remove all unnecessary papers. 
  •  It's also the time to reflect back and assess the past and plan for the future. Review those few things that you desire to accomplish in the New Year and determine your goals. 
  •  Space clearing ritual removes all negative energies from the space and it can be performed even if you have not re-painted the house on Christmas. Along with re-painting and space clearing do not forget to remove all clutter from the house. For example:

1.      ‘Earth’ element decorations such as, Ilex or holly (Flowering plants in the family Aquifoliaceae) wreaths, wood figurines, or ceramics (such as the Dove of Peace) work best in the South-West area of your gathering area to support family harmony.
2.      A bowl of water (‘water’ element) with flowers floating in it (or a punch bowl) placed in the North-East area of the room you use for entertainment will encourage a prosperous New Year.
3.      Place candles, lights, and red decorations in the South-East area, which is associated with the ‘fire’ element, to stimulate a sense of well-being. Scented candles of pine, vanilla, cinnamon, and cranberry are festive scents for harmonious holiday gatherings
4.      Hang bells and chimes in the North-West area, related to the ‘air’ element, to enhance joyous relationships.
5.      Keep the center ‘space’ element area open and uncluttered to support stress-free communication and encourage the success of your holiday gatherings.

  • After you have re-painted the house or cleaned it, perform a space clearing ritual. Dissolve a lump of rock salt in water and mop the floor of the apartment with this salt water. Take some camphor in a bowl, burn it and walk along the sides of each room of the house thereby allowing the space to be filled with the fragrance of camphor. Before performing these two steps, you can repeat a positive affirmation “By performing this space clearing ritual, my house is freed from all negative energies and full of positivity. All the inmates of the house are leading a healthy, harmonious and prosperous life this Christmas and the full year ahead.” 
  •  If you feel that negative vibes have been induced into your family life, health, relationship etc., wipe the floor with rock salt water for at least seven days. You can even place a small bowl of rock salt to absorb the negative and stagnant energy. Remember to change the salt every day. 
  • Space clearing rituals like ringing a bell or burning incense in all the rooms of the house can also help. This physical clearing will also initiate a process of mental peace and relaxation. 
  • Sit down in a calm corner and mentally relive all the negative experiences that are depleting your energies. Clear out those negative feelings and accept the transition of these events in your life. 
  •  Rearrange your surroundings; increase your level of physical activity. All this will ultimately transform into your surrounding into a much more balanced and harmonious environment. 
  • Hang some bells, bring a new plant, display auspicious symbols in the living room and decorate the main entrance of your house and workplace. 
  •  Welcome the New Year by lighting candles and ‘diyas’ (Clay lights) and burning incense, especially in the dark corners of the house. If you are not the partying type, just organize a nice family feast. Even if you have plans spend the time with friends and colleagues, try to spend the first day of the New Year with family. Go to a temple or organize a small ‘pooja’ or a ‘hawan’ at home. It will strengthen the miraculous bonding with the family.

Wishing You All Good Health, Wealth, Happiness, Love and Peace For the
New Year 2014