Monday, March 18, 2013


Light is ‘Life Giving’. We surely cannot survive without light. Have you ever realized that we feel energized, peaceful and happy when we sit in winter Sun? Our blood-flow improves, and we get several vitamins and minerals that are available in Sunlight. The morning Sun is a source of positive energy. It is advisable to go for a walk in the morning. Morning walk help remove toxins from our body and absorb positive energy from Sun. Morning walk is an energy drink and keeps us active the whole day.
Color is a property of light. Sunlight can be dissipated to seven colors that treat the seven Chakras present in our body. VIBGYOR flows through our body with violet corresponding with ‘Sahasrara Chakra’ (Crown Chakra), located at top of the head and red corresponding with ‘Mooladhar Chakra’ (Root Chakra), located at last bone in spinal cord.
Think about this – Why do we have favorite colors? In addition, our favorite color keeps on changing. If you notice, the color tone of your wardrobe keep on changing, sometime more of red, sometime blue and sometime orange.
Think about this – why do some colors just “go” with each other (for example, Blue and White often look nice together. However, Pink and Orange is not the usual one) what is it that makes them go together? It is our brain’s reaction to them – thus, colors can actually emit feelings. Moreover, if it can emit an emotion, it can do much more.
White is a combination of all colors. That is why when we wear white, we feel light and energetic, as all our Chakras get energy. Most of the saints wear only white. Most of people like wearing light shades as light shades have more white in it.
Lack of a particular color in the human system can cause various diseases. Color Therapy is a technique of restoring imbalance by means of colors. Color Therapy can be used as an alternative therapy. Every disease is caused by emotional imbalance. All emotions are properties of seven Chakras and each Chakra has a specific color. The color treats its respective Chakra and thus, treats the root cause of any disease.
There are few tips one can follow, that keep treating one’s Chakras and is a preventive method to avoid diseases:
- Spend some time in the Sun, preferable morning Sun. Practice morning walk. It is the most effective way of purification of one’s body.
- Practice color breathing exercise as mentioned. Make a set of seven bottles (plastic or glass) of seven rainbow colors. Put these colored bottles out in the Sun for a couple of hours and then inhale the air within the bottle.
- Wear these colors on the mentioned day for 2-3 month and notice the positive changes in yourself. Sunday- Red, Monday – White, Tuesday – Orang, Wednesday – Green, Thursday – Yellow, Friday – Pink and Saturday – Blue or Black.
There is a lot that one need to know about oneself, our Chakras and how we can treat our self.

Seven Major Chakra Centers and their representing traits:
1.     ‘Muladhara’: The Root Chakra
 Physical Vitality and Well Being; Red; Earth Element; Mastery of the Body & Physical Affairs; Courage vs. Fear
2.     ‘Swadhisthana’: The Sacral Chakra /Pelvic Chakra
Relationships; Orange; Water Element; Performance of Duties without attachment to results; Letting Go vs. Attachment
3.     ‘Manipura’: The Solar Plexus Chakra
Personal Power; Yellow; Fire Element; Control over mind and body
Enthusiasm vs. Anger & Resentment
4.     ‘Anahata’: The Heart Chakra
Love; Green; Air Element; To use love for personal & societal change
Compassion & love vs. Judgment & Desire
5.     ‘Vishuddha’: The Throat Chakra
Communication; Blue; Space/Ether Element; To establish the kingdom of peace and share it with others; Joy vs. Grief and Regret
6.     ‘Ajna’: The Brow Chakra
Wisdom; Indigo; Energy; To balance thoughts & feelings with Higher Insight & Intuition; Inspiration. Creativity
7.     ‘Sahasrara’: The Crown Chakra
Oneness; Violet; Cosmic Energy; To experience oneness with the Eternal now; Transformational Experiences

The ‘Vastu Purusha Mandala’ also represents the subtle body with the ‘Seven Psychic Centers’ or ‘Chakras’. Healing the corresponding ‘Chakra’of ‘Vastu Purusha Mandala’ located within a dwelling structure will give positive results in ‘Vastu Dosha’ corrections.

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