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Divine Vastu Tips to Bring in Positive Energy Inside Your Home

Divine Vastu Tips to Bring in Positive Energy Inside Your Home

Our Entrance/ Hallway deserve a stylish decoration. Some people have beautiful built-in house with an awkward hall and hallway that is not decorated/ maintained properly. Like any other room of the home entrance/the hallway you hit when you walk through the door it may be a hidden nook or a staircase landing, it is important not to waste the space and it can be streamlined with hallway furniture.
Whether Hallway is too long, too narrow or it opens directly to a doorway, many tend to under or overestimate while decorating it. The Entrance/Hallways or corridors in our home are supposed to deliver people to our home, therefore do not overcrowd it like a tunnel.
If your hallway is entrance of your home or it leads directly into another room, be careful not to overcrowd the walkway.  You can adopt a few ways while designing your hallways, according to your idea, to provide a good source of positive energy.

Small Lamp/ Flower Vase

A small lamp placed in the center of your hallway or flower vase are many good source to welcoming energy to your home.

If your hallway has limited space consider using hangings/ fixtures/decorative mirrors/ artworks hung on the wall, rather projecting out from walk area. This way we can avoid overcrowding of the corridor/hallway.

Convex Mirror

Place a convex mirror on the outer wall of entrance facing outwards for protection from negative energy.

Mirror at the Main entrance prohibited

  • A mirror facing the main door is one of the major hindrances to home and is strictly prohibited. The reason is, that mirror facing the main door pushes away all the good energy which is about to enter the house. 
  • North or the East direction is considered having the flow of positive energy, so mirror should not be placed facing on this direction as they reflect back the positive energy. In addition, mirror on the South make children’s more stubborn and arrogant.
  • If the mirror in the hall which does not face the door, it is said to bring good positive energy into the house and absorb the negative energy. However, make sure that it is placed in a proper direction as per Vastu principles.
  • Mirror should be not be placed opposite /facing each other; they would promote restlessness for the family members.
  • Do not place a mirror in bedroom which reflects any body part while sleeping or you can cover it during night time.
  • If you have already placed a mirror facing the entrance and which cannot be altered, then as a remedy you could decorate it with some decorative glass paints or appliqu├ęs to weaken its reflections.
  • Make sure you do not keep damaged or broken mirror in any part of the house.

Buddha at the Main Entrance


             Many people place Buddha’s statue etc, for decorating their home and in market, we find many forms of Buddha. Many do not know the precautions to be taken before selecting and placing Buddha statue at home.
            Buddha facing the front door is considered to keep the negative energies out of home. Buddha has power to nullify the negative impacts at the house. 
             Buddha statue should not be kept on the floor; it should be respected and kept in the raised platform or in the table.
·                         Buddha should be kept clean and tidy and should be respected based on the religious principles as we respect our God.
            To enhance its vibrancy, Buddha statue can be kept towards East facing sunrise, if possible .

·   Sleeping Buddha or reclining Buddha depicts the transition from the suffering to enlightenment of life which characterize the cycle of rebirth and has to face West direction because Buddha lay to face death/nirvana and reclining towards right, facing west with head supported by his hand.

Ganesha at the Main Entrance

Those who wish to place Ganesha picture at the main entrance door should always place them back to back to ward-off poverty (‘Daridrata’).

Water with Flowers

Water denotes wealth and so water element should flow inwards as it depicts that wealth also flow towards you. Bowl filled with water, flowers or lemon kept facing the main door is considered auspicious. Make sure to change the water regularly.

Bowl filled with Sea Salts

Salt is considered a symbol of purification. It is also a popular mineral used to cleanse and purify homes filled with negative energy.
Sea salt is commonly used to get rid of negative energy and to allow balanced flow of energy inside the home. The sea salt is either used alone or mixed with water and placed in certain areas of the home. A bowl filled with sea salt facing the North-East and South-West directions in an open and has to be periodically changed.
Epsom salt is a salt that cleanses them and the environment. It is a best way to get rid of stressful feelings and negative energy from home.
Rock salt is an easily available salt. A bowl half-filled with rock salt and water and can be kept on the hall.  Whenever a large amount of granules of salt appear to build on the edges of the bowl, it denotes the presence of negative energy at home.

Some other articles for a welcoming Hallway are:

·         Placing Dog statues facing outside can guard your entrance from evil eyes, spirits and also preserve your prosperity.
·         Place a Fish Aquarium inside the house on the North/South-East or South-West corner of your hallway, which is a major source to attract peace and prosperity at home. Always follow Vastu guidelines for the selection of the proper direction to place the fish aquarium.
·         Do not place the image of a woman/phoenix statue next to the right side of your front door. This might be inviting another woman to your household.
·         Hindu religion believers should never place ‘Devi Mahalaxmi’ idol/statue/picture facing outwards as it is considered outflow of wealth from home.
·          Always show ‘agarbathis’ and ‘dhoop’ sticks on the corners of entrance to remove and eliminate negativity stuck on the corners.

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Divine Vastu Tips for your Car Parking Area

Divine Vastu Tips for your Car Parking Area:
Parking area is a primary requirement when we rent or purchase an apartment or house. When we say Vastu for vehicle parking, many may get puzzled. Are you facing regular problems with your Vehicle? Making a place for Car Parking in certain zones cause frequent accidents, breakdowns, thefts and high maintenance costs for your vehicle. In certain other zones, it proves to be beneficial for you and makes your trips gainful. By selecting right direction for making a Car Parking, you can ensure safety and smooth running of your car. Direction of Car Parking or porch in your home has a significant impact on your life. Your home can be divided into sixteen zones. Which of these zones you have selected for making your Car Parking, accordingly it affects the safety and low maintenance cost of your car.
The value like how our house is being designed according to Vastu principles even the Parking area should also be built in according to Vastu principles and how this secures your life and luck by using the vehicle. Therefore, here are some Divine Vastu tips for all who face the same problem. Each of these directional zones governs some aspect of your life.
There is no need of getting amazed after checking the direction of your Car Parking. According to Divine Vastu, these effects are based on purely scientific and logical observations made in over 10,000 successful Vastu case studies.

  • Best place for vehicle parking area is in the North-West direction and the second option is the South-East of the plot.
  • If the selection is North-West, then it involves lot of travelling that lead to your success and well-being and the vehicle remains in the parking area only for a very short time.
  • North-East direction for the parking is not recommended because it is the direction for the heavenly forces and this should not be obstructed.
·         When you have Car Parking made in the East-SouthEast, the zone of Churning and Anxiety of your home, it causes unwanted and unexpected issues with your Car. In many Vastu case studies, where people had their Car Parking in this zone, they faced severe clashes with neighbors over parking issues.
·         Similarly, with Car Parking made in the zone of Depression and Low Moods, i.e., West-NorthWest, it causes unusual breakdowns and high maintenance costs of your Car. Of course, with easy Vastu remedies like, colors, lights, plants and metals these problems can be avoided without resorting to demolitions or reconstructions.
·         You are driving safely, obeying all the traffic rules like speed limits, etc. but still something happens that lead to accidents. You do not understand why it happens with you. This unusual scenario is caused due to parking your Car in the South-East direction. South-East is the zone of ‘Fire’ element as per Vastu. In balanced state, Fire plays the role of a protector, but, if Imbalanced, fire causes accidents. If your Car is of Blue or Silver Blue or Black color, you must avoid Parking it in South-East direction of your house. However, if you have no choice, then you must paint the walls in green shade or put some green plants there.
·         Another important outcome of Car Parking made in the wrong direction is Car theft. Almost every day we hear of Car theft cases. This is despite availability of many types of safety equipments in the market to safeguard your Car from theft and accidents. You have the latest security systems installed in your Car. You have parked safely. Still, you wake up in the morning and find that your Car is not there and, you have no idea why it happened? Just check if you have parked your Car in the South-South-West, the zone of expenditure and wastage?
  • If the Parking area is in the South-West direction, then the vehicle will not come out of the parking area only, and would it require constant repairing. Because it is the direction which has ‘tamas’ energy.
  • In case if the parking area is facing the South or West side, chances are that your vehicle might face fire hazards. In addition, any inflammable material should be avoided near the parking area.
  • The gate of parking area should be in the North or East direction. Its height should be less than the height of main gate.
  • A Garage in the basement should be in the North or East only, since scientifically speaking, in the basement there is no question of the car obstructing the light. It is preferable if the cars are parked in the East or the North, since some heat from the Sunlight can keep the car engine warm.
  • The floor level of the parking area should be sloping towards North or East direction.
  • There should be a minimum space of 2 feet to 3 feet wide all around the parking area for the easy accessibility for the vehicles and flow of energy.
  • Preferably, the parking area should not touch the compound wall. The Logic: To support the porch on the Compound wall, you will have to raise the compound wall, which will then cut off a lot of light to the house.
  • Best colors for parking area is any white or any other brighter colors.

  • Always park your vehicle with its front portion facing North or East. These are the preferable directions.
  • North facing vehicle is auspicious for businesspersons, which helps them in getting good deals. While East facing vehicle is good for diplomats,  politicians, administrators and government officers who will improve their intelligence and the skill of work.